Nasir & Awad Al-Yami Company

Our Campus
Below is the list of our campus.

List Of Campus
Type Capacity Location
Main Business Office 50 persons Aziziyah-Khozama Area
1-Storey concrete residential units, 10 bedrooms 45 persons Madyan, near Tabuk City
50 bedrooms 1-storey residential accommodation 125 persons Abqaiq Camp Back of Police Station Abqaiq, KSA
1-storey concrete residential units, 40 bedrooms 100 persons Saudi Aramco Contractors Park Dhahran, KSA
50-room 1-storey concrete residential units within compound 102 persons Udhailiyah Contractors' Camp Udhailiyah, KSA
20-bedroom (MOBILE TRAILER) CABINS) 75 persons North West of KSA